Q: Do I Need a Lot of Money to Invest?
You can lend as little as or as much as you want. The amount of the loan and time period will factor into your return on investment.
Sometimes, you may want to start out small with short-term loans until you get comfortable with these investments.
In most cases, more opportunities and more favorable terms will be available to those with larger amounts to loan.

Q: Can I Send You A Check Today?
You only send money to close the deal when we have a deal that fits your budget.
In any case, most of the times, you will wire the money directly to the title company or real estate attorney.

Q: Who Handles All The Paperwork?
Unless you are a highly skilled investor in real estate matters, we will handle all paperwork and details of each transaction and pay any expenses.
This is done by a real estate attorney or title company.
You begin to earn interest on the full amount of your funds as soon as they are received. Our goal is to ensure this entire process is hassle-free for you.

Q: Isn’t This Too Risky?
Knives are risky, aren’t they? But only when you do not use them properly.
We do not make speculative investments; instead, we focus on making standard, bank-like loans on properties with equity.
The property is the security for the loan.
Make no mistake – investing has risks, but the trick is in how you choose your investments and their safety net (collateral).
This is our expertise.
For example, your investment will most likely adhere to these rules:

  • It will not surpass the 80% Loan To Value
  • You will get a mortgagee title insurance policy
  • You will get an insurance policy on the property
  • The loan will be closed by professionals

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