Real Estate Investing in Edmonton

Are you wanting to become a Real Estate Investor in Edmonton but lack the skills? Are you looking for some safe, sound solid investments that will maximize your investment or RRSP dollars getting you the highest levels of return while you still maintain security in the investment?

Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for some individual investments that are very low risk and secure then CLICK HERE to check out our current Rent to Own investment opportunities.

Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. is not your typical real estate investment company that just wants you to invest your money into one of our projects. Our business is built on helping you build your own real estate investment company using our processes, procedures, staff, structure, knowledge, expertise etc, all the while we actually run your business for you. That is the REAL RICH DAD philosophy! Leverage other people’s knowledge and expertise to build your own business. Get out of the E and the S Quadrant and move right to the B and the I Quadrants utilizing our proven systems. To find out more about starting your very own ioffersolutions Rent to Own business CLICK HERE to get more information.


Would you like to find out more about using your RRSP’s as mortgages on specific properties getting a guaranteed return? CLICK HERE to find out how to turn your RRSP’s into a 2nd Mortgage.

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