Rent to Own Homes Edmonton Program Details

Our Rent to Own Homes Edmonton Program allows you to get into one of our Rent to Own Homes in Edmonton even if you have bad credit or no credit. With our Rent to Own Homes Edmonton Program you don’t have to meet the typical qualifications required by conventional lending institutions! Our Rent to Own Homes Edmonton Program is specifically designed to assist Canadians experiencing difficulty in obtaining conventional financing.

With our Rent to Own Homes Edmonton Program, you are considered the owner the day you move in; there are no more landlords telling you what you can and cannot do. You have the right to renovate and improve your property just as any other owner.

How do I know if the Rent-to-own a Home Program is for me?

Are you having a hard time or can’t qualify for a mortgage? Good credit, bad credit, ugly credit or no credit? Are you self employed? Filed for bankruptcy, gone through a divorce, have very little down payment, just relocated from another province or country? No Problem!

If you can afford a reasonable monthly payment, you can easily qualify for one of our Rent to Own Homes Edmonton Programs. With all of our Rent-to-own a Home Programs, there is No Bank Qualifying Required!

Whether you are rebuilding your existing credit or establishing new credit, we can Help! Conventional mortgages are restrictive and are only available to those who fit traditional criteria. At ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc., we do things differently because we truly understand that life’s circumstances should not prevent you from realizing your dream of home ownership!

What separates IOfferSolutions Real Estate Services from the Competition?

There are FOUR things that really separates ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. from everyone offering Rent to Own Homes in Edmonton.

First, we set you up for success right from the very beginning. We do this by having your application reviewed by our mortgage broker right at the very beginning of the process to determine, if you could qualify today, how much you would be able to qualify for with respect to a purchase price. Based on that information we will not put you into a home we know you can’t afford when your term comes due.

Secondly, before we even think about getting you into a home you must have a consultation with our credit coaches. They are going to review all your current information, credit report, situation etc and get a very accurate picture of where you sit today credit wise, what needs to be done to your credit so you can qualify for a home and how long it is going to take to get you there. From this information we can then set you into a program that has the appropriate amount of time for you to get qualified. We will never put you into a 1 year Rent to Own when we know it is going to take you 3 years to qualify for a mortgage.

It doesn’t stop there! It is mandatory for you to consult with the credit coaches every three months of the Rent to Own as they have laid out an action plan to assist you to getting control of your credit and financially educating you about credit and the use of credit. They ensure you are doing everything you need to be doing and holding you accountable to the plan they have set in place for you.

Thirdly, as a group, the ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc team, our Strategic Mortgage Broker Partners and our Strategic Credit Coaches meet every 3 months to discuss each and every one of our clients progress to ensure they are truly on the track to success.

Fourth and finally is our presence in the community.  The majority of people trying to do Rent to Owns are individual investors who may or may not have the processes and procedures in place for you to succeed. Let’s be honest here, there are many people out there trying to do Rent to Owns just to take hard working people’s money without any care if they every succeed. That isn’t what we are about. Our company is here for the long term; our reputation is everything to us and we are here to truly help each and every one that has the desire to be a home owner but just not the credit to make it happen.

We are not realtors but a group of real estate investors who focus on helping people who are in trouble. It is important for us to create a win-win situation where you get into a house, rebuild your credit and have a place called HOME!

If you’re interested in learning more about our Rent-To-Own Program, please fill out the form below: Once you submit your form you will receive an email explaining the process and a link to the Application, which you will need to print out, fill in and send in to us.  There is a $297+gst application fee to process your application and cover the consultation fees of the mortgage broker and credit coach.

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