Rent To Own Tenant Buyer PATH to SUCCESS

On helping people who are in trouble, It is important for us to create a win-win situation When it comes to Rent to Owns’ it is important to partner yourself with a company that has a system in place designed to set you up for success from the very beginning. At ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. we pride ourselves on our processes, procedures and the businesses we have partnered with to ensure each family coming through our program has all the tools, resources and support to succeed from day one!

   Everything starts with the initial phone call, response to an internet ad, visiting one of our Rent to Own homes or filling in one of the forms on our website. When you initiate contact with us we aim to follow up with you within 24-48 hours, depending on the day of the week. During our call or email we gather some basic information about your situation, what kind of home you are looking for, what area you wish to live in and what your budget is for your new home. Just like a mortgage broker it is important for us to have a general idea how much you make per year so we can manage your expectations. There are so many people who contact us making $30,000-$40,000 per year, with a monthly budget under $1000 per month everything included and want a $400,000 home. That just isn’t realistic and we do our best to manage your expectations.

   Once we have gathered some of the basic information and answered your questions regarding the Rent to Own program we then forward you a copy of our application. At this point nothing happens until we receive the completed application from you. When that happens we forward the application to our mortgage broker and credit coaches for their review. The mortgage broker will let us know the maximum monthly mortgage payment, as well as the maximum purchase price of a home you would qualify for based on your income and expense levels today. The mortgage broker also gives us a rough idea how long it would take, given your current credit situation, for you to qualify for a mortgage.

   After the credit coach has received your application you can expect to get a call wanting to set up a meeting with you to discuss your current credit situation. It is MANDATORY for all our Rent to Own clients to meet with the credit coach and work with them during the term of the Rent to Own. During the meeting the credit coach will evaluate your current situation, assess what can be done with your current debt if there is any, what needs to be done to fix, raise or create credit and determine the time frame required to get you where you are today to where you need to be in order for the mortgage broker to get your a mortgage. The coaches then set out a step by step instruction plan that will get your credit score to the point where our mortgage broker can get your qualified. The coaches then schedule meetings with you on a quarterly basis to review what you were supposed to do and what you accomplished.

   Upon completing your initial meeting with the credit coaches and having your information reviewed by the mortgage broker we now know the maximum home value, what your maximum monthly payment can be and how long it will take before you will qualify with a bank. With this information and your commitment to meet with the credit coaches quarterly we can put you into one of our rent to own homes knowing we have done everything possible to ensure you are on the path to Rent to Own Success!!

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