When your property enters our Rent to Own Program and we Rent to Own Your Home:

  1. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. will Rent to Own Your Home by leasing your property with the option to purchase the property at any time prior to or on the lease expiry date.
  2. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. will GUARANTEE a rent payment for the length of the term, to be paid on the 15th of every month,.
  3. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc.’s Rent-To-Own program allows our Tenant Buyers to rent your property with the Option of purchasing it at the end of a specified term, for a pre-determined sale price. It is our goal to help them become home owners.
  4. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. goes through extensive measures to place only quality tenants in your property. We review our client’s credit bureau and employment history. We also request personal references as well as a criminal record check. It has been our experience that our clients, who are in fact “future potential new home owners”, will typically treat your property better than a regular tenant. They understand that the property will be theirs to purchase at the end of the lease’s term.
  5. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. makes it mandatory for the Tenant Buyers to work with our associated mortgage brokers and financial planners during the term of the lease to ensure they are on the right track to future home ownership.
  6. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. will handle all management responsibilities as well as all property repairs up to $500 per instance.
  7. Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. will also:
    • Provide interior insurance
    • Cover rental income losses as a result of tenant vacancy(s)
    • Close quickly on a pre-agreed price
    • Assume all closing costs at the end
    • Complete full home inspection and provide you a copy (optional, depending on the property age and condition)
  8. In completing a Rent-To-Own opportunity with Ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc. You can now feel at ease knowing that you will be relieved of all selling stresses and costs.
  9. Your responsibilities will be to pay your mortgage, property taxes, insurance, any condo fees or association fees.
  10. Finally and perhaps most importantly, you can now rest assured that your rental income is guaranteed, month after month, without having to be concerned with any of your regular landlord responsibilities.

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